150-foot Asteroid 2022 XN nearing Earth today at a staggering speed of 39564 kmph, says NASA

A massive 150-foot asteroid is nearing Earth today at a staggering speed of 39564 kmph, according to NASA. Check distance, other details here.

Want to know about the asteroids nearing Earth today? NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory informs about the same every day. Though the asteroids listed by them are not always dangerous for the planet but are categorised under potentially hazardous asteroids because of their large size. A giant asteroid collision with Earth can have disastrous consequences, so much so, that it can even end life on the planet. Notably, the era of dinosaurs ended because of a massive asteroid collision with the planet. Hence, to avoid such dangerous situations, NASA always keeps an eye on the movement of the asteroids.

Meanwhile, the space agency has informed about a giant 150 foot asteroid that is rushing towards Earth at a staggering speed. Apart from this there are two other asteroids too that are nearing our planet. From size, speed to distance, here are the details you need to know about the asteroids.

150-foot Asteroid 2022 XN

A massive 150-foot asteroid named 2022 XN is zooming towards Earth at a mind boggling speed today, December 24, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). As per the information, this airplane sized asteroid will make its closest approach to the planet at a distance of 3250000 kilometers. Also, it is nearing Earth at a speed of 39564 kilometers per hour.

99-foot Asteroid 2022 XM1

Another airplane sized asteroid of 99 foot named 2022 XM1 is also said to be zooming towards the planet today. Moving at a mind numbing speed of 45756 kilometers per hour, the asteroid is believed to make its nearest approach to Earth at a distance of 3700000 kilometers.

41-foot Asteroid 2022 YO

The third asteroid to zoom past our planet today is a 41 foot asteroid named 2022 YO. Making its closest distance to the planet of 1350000 kilometers, the bus-sized asteroid is moving at a speed of 33552 kilometers per hour.

Do you know?

In order to monitor these asteroids, there are several Earth and Sky-based technologies like telescopes, satellites, and more deployed by NASA in space. NASA keeps a constant eye on the movements of the asteroids to ensure any kind of threat is quickly found and they can take quick action against it.

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