Beware of ‘Rs. 50’ WhatsApp scam! Criminals using fake jobs trick to steal money

Scammers are sending messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms, asking people to like videos on YouTube and get paid for it.

WhatsApp has become a very big medium for scammers to try and steal money from people. With the majority of people having WhatsApp installed on their phone, criminals get a chance to connect with them easily. Also, at a time when joblessness is high, scammers have started taking advantage of the situation by offering fake job opportunities. A huge number of people have been duped out of their money by these scamsters through these online scams and now, we have heard of the latest one, the so-called ‘Rs. 50 per like’ scam.

Recently, it has been reported that scammers send chats to people about job opportunities. When someone asks them what the job is about, they say it is about “liking” YouTube videos and getting paid for it. The latest scam that is being used to fool people is the “Rs. 50 per like” scam. Scammers are promising to pay Rs. 5000 in a day for liking YouTube videos. According to a report by, “These scammers use platforms like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and even Facebook to lure victims with promises of easy money, like earning up to Rs. 5000 per day for liking YouTube videos.”

They start by sending messages regarding a fake job opportunity with limited slots, and if you want to apply for it, you will need to reserve the slot. As soon as the victim replies to the message, scammers explain to them the job role saying that, they will have to like YouTube videos and get paid for it. To get your attention, they may even pay you a small amount of money initially.

Once they gain the trust of the victim, they will proceed to say that they are facing some issues in transferring the payment to you and will then ask you to download an app for easier payment transfer. Through this app, these criminals will gather all your financial information, including even passwords and shockingly, even OTPs and emails.

All you need to do in order to stay safe is not click on any link or install any app without getting the information verified from official sources. Also, check the official website of the company, the scammers mention, to check if the information provided is true or not. That also means to verify everything and never do anything in a hurry.

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