Big changes on Twitter! 60 minute videos, View Count are here

Twitter is rolling out big changes to its platform as you read this. Check out the new features.

Twitter continues to be involved in controversy under Elon Musk’s leadership ever other day. In the midst of all that’s Elon, Twitter has rolled out two new features that could help content creators to a larger extent. One of them is called View Count and the other one is related to long videos. The feature is live across Twitter on web for the 60-minute video length while the View Count is live on all platforms as of now.

The first feature is related to long videos on Twitter. If you have subscribed to Twitter Blue, you will now be able to upload 60-minute long videos. On its Twitter Blue page, Twitter says that subscribers can now upload up to 60-minute long videos. This is a great deal for content creators who want to use Twitter as the sole source for sharing their content. However, note that one can only upload such long videos from Twitter web for now.

Twitter brings big changes

Note that the videos of 60 minutes length will need to be in 1080p resolution and should not weigh more than 2GB. Users on iOS and Android are still limited to videos that weigh 512MB at most.

Other than the long videos for Twitter Blue subscribers, Twitter is also bringing the ability to see views on every post. Similar to the way you used to see views on videos, Twitter now lets you see all engagement and views data on all posts. You get to see the post view as standard beside the likes and comments button. Tapping on the button once more will show all the engagement data.

On the other hand, Elon Musk’s revamped Twitter Blue subscription was announced earlier this month. iOS users wanting the Twitter Blue subscription need to pay $11 per month. However, users on web will need to pay $8 per month. Twitter Blue offers early access to select features, like Edit Tweet, and other newest features before they’re available to everyone.

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