Black Friday Sale: Don’t miss out on your favorite console! Get a PS5 THIS way


Want to buy a new PlayStation? Don’t miss out on it in the rush of the sale. Know this trick to get a PS5 on Black Friday Sale.

PlayStation 5 has become a hot commodity recently. Sony has been facing global shortage on the PS5 units for months. The initial shortage was caused by the pandemic but it became amplified due to the global chip shortage. Add to that the Ukraine war and the persisting problem of scalpers — people who buy bulk units to cause a temporary shortage and sell it at a higher price — and many fans of the new generation console were left disappointed due to the unavailability of it. But now, the console is back in storage and with the Black Friday Sale just a week away, the PS5 is sure to have some amazing deals. But all of that is pointless if you cannot beat the crowd and grab the console before it runs out. So, how to get a PS5 on Black Friday? Read on to find out.

How to get a PS5 on Black Friday

While there are many ways to get a PS5, the most assured way of doing so which does not involve standing in a line for hours outside a store is to sign up for Walmart Plus. It is a membership deal by Walmart which lets you get early access to online deals, free video streaming from Paramount+ and free delivery from the nearby physical store.

Walmart Plus will let you book and buy your PS5 ahead of time so you don’t have to fight it out with 15 other people in store or rush to purchase online before stocks run out. The subscription will let you have two separate windows before Black Friday sale to not only book but get it delivered before November 25. So, if this has piqued your interest, know the deals Walmart is offering:

  • PS5 God of War: Ragnarok Bundle at $559.99
  • PS5 Digital God of War: Ragnarok Bundle at $459.99
  • PS5 Console at $499.99
  • PS5 Digital Console at $399.99

Your first window to purchase the PS5 will be on Monday, November 21 at 12PM ET. You can go to the Walmart website to purchase your console. This sale will be only for Walmart Plus members.

The second window is on Wednesday, November 23 at 12PM ET when even non-members will be allowed to purchase a PS5 online at the discounted prices.

Final Black Friday Sale window is on November 25 when you can visit physical stores and get it from there, but this will be a big hassle. Do note, the Walmart Plus subscription is priced at $12.98 for a single month or $98 annually.


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