Brazil Man Sets Record For Attending Most FIFA World Cups As An Individual

His 11th world cup is currently underway in Qatar.

Daniel Sbruzi from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has set the record for attending almost every World Cup that’s taken place in the last 44 years, Guinness World Records (GWR) reported. He has missed only one, which took place in 1982 in Spain. His 11th world cup is currently underway in Qatar.

Mr Sbruzi, aged 75, has travelled all around the world as a result of his commitment to cheering on Brazil’s national team. Mr. Sbruzi believed that dressing like a bride would be the best way for him to represent his native Brazil at his first World Cup in Argentina in 1978.More precisely, Daniel was standing in for his carnival block, “Bloco Vai Quem Quer” (“Whoever wishes can go”). Throughout the carnival season, this group organises street celebrations.

“In Argentina, I dressed as a bride, but in the other World Cups, I created different women’s costumes according to the host country and also the characteristics of the Brazilian team,” Mr Sbruzi said of his GWR outfits.

Brazil won their fourth World Cup in 1994 after defeating Italy 3-2 on penalties. They also advanced to the France 1998 championship game, where they ultimately fell to the home team.

Mr Sbruzi’s favourite World Cup was the one that followed, in Korea and Japan in 2002, because it was there that Brazil became the only team to win the event five times, cementing their legendary position.

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The World Cup is important to Daniel because it’s an opportunity to “connect the great passions” of his life: watching football and experiencing different countries. What he enjoys most is “the unity of the people,” the website stated.

In a funny encounter, Mr Sbruzi was stopped from entering a stadium at the World Cup held in Russia in 2018. The Russian security team was suspicious of his feminine appearance. “Officials in the monitoring room thought it was funny and laughed a lot. I also laughed at the impact that dressing in a woman’s costume causes in certain situations,” he told GWR.

It is further mentioned that Mr Sbruzi had to give up his four-decade custom of dressing as a woman in Qatar because he wanted to adhere to the local dress regulations. However, he wore an Arabian thawb (white robe), which is embroidered with the flags of every World Cup host nation he has visited.

Speaking to GWR, he stated, “I encourage more people to follow this journey of participating in World Cups and acquiring the knowledge, culture, and atmosphere of unity that the World Cup provides. I really believe that there will be people who, in the future, will break my record.”

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