BSNL 5G could launch by May 2023, TCS to offer equipment for testing


BSNL 5G could launch over the next 5-7 months, confirms the Union IT Minister. Here are all the details.

BSNL 5G could launch by the summer of 2023. Based on a recent comment from Union IT Minister for Telecom and Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, it is said that the BSNL 4G infrastructure will be upgraded to 5G over the period of next 5-7 months. BSNL’s 4G network was announced just as late as private operators in India started preparing for 5G services in the country. BSNL is yet to comment officially on rolling out 5G services and any hints on the possible pricing.

‚ÄúTelecom technology stack is going to be rolled out. It’s a 4G technology stack which will be upgraded to 5G in a timeframe of five to seven months. That technology stack will be rolled out across the 1.35 lakh telecom towers in the country,” Vaishnaw said. This hints at BSNL aiming to make its 5G services live just as private operators start mushrooming across the country.

BSNL 5G could launch by May 2022

For the initial 5G testing, BSNL has asked Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to offer required equipment. This will allow BSNL to begin the trial of its 5G services in the initial phases. The Minister said that BSNL’s 5G service will be rolled out in remote areas, which is opposite to the kind of market strategy private operators have been following.

What remains to be seen is the pricing strategy BSNL follows for its 5G service. Rivals such as Jio and Airtel are yet to reveal the prices for its 5G plans and services, but companies have hinted at slightly higher prices than 4G services to offset the infrastructure installation cost. BSNL would try to keep it low since it usually appeals to the republic in rural areas.

BSNL is also likely to stick to non standalone kind of 5G in India, relying on its 4G LTE service to offer a more robust network experience. Airtel also uses a non standalone 5G infrastructure for its 5G service. Jio is the only one using a Standalone 5G tech, allowing for much faster mobile data speeds. Some recent cases have shown Jio’s 5G service offering speeds of up 1.9Gbps.


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