Children’s Note When They See A Stranger Entering Woman’s House Is Viral

A second person commented, “They are a collaborative gang. It works for them.”

It is said that children grow up very quickly. They have more awareness, are more intellectually savvy and just mature in observation of the things around their environment. In one such example, a gesture of a group of thoughtful and sweet children towards a woman who lives in their neighbourhood is winning the internet.

In a post shared on Reddit, a user shared how the toddlers put a note on her door when a stranger enters her house. It is to be noted that the parents of the woman don’t live together so her father looks like a stranger to the children. “My mom has a lot of kids on her street and they put this note on her door after seeing my dad go into her house,” reads the caption of the post shared along with a picture. There are three distinct handwritings on the letter, denoting three children. All of them are just asking if the woman is okay.

“Ms. Karren we saw a strange man walk in your house and we would like to know if you are ok. If you are then text my mom,” reads the note. A phone number was also mentioned in the letter, however it has been erased by the user. The letter also mentions, “love” and the name of the “gang.”

The letter was shared a day ago and has 94 percent upvotes.

“I like how it’s three different handwritings. Three kids wrote that letter,” said one user.

A second person commented, “They are a collaborative gang. It works for them.”

“It looks like 3 different gang members wrote different parts. Gang Leader: We’d better let the one member that know cursive finish this thing off. Seems more professional,” said another Reddit user.

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“I love everything about this, but the best part is the clear collaborative effort. At least two, maybe three kids worked together to write this note. Great gang of kiddos!” remarked another person.

“To live in such a sweet neighborhood…priceless The fact that kids are thinking about others and their wellbeing.Angels,” said another person.

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