Coronavirus Lockdown 2021 Live News: ‘Second wave’ hits India; PM Modi to chair crucial meet today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a crucial meeting with the Chief Ministers to discuss the coronavirus situation. (PTI photo)

Coronavirus Lockdown 2021 in India Live Updates: From Bhopal to Surat, from Pune to Hyderabad, Covid lockdowns, night curfews and other restrictions have returned in cities across India due to what every health expert was dreading – the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. The Centre says that the second wave of Covid-19 infections is being particularly seen in Maharashtra. However, Maharashtra‘s State Surveillance Office Dr Pradip Awate told the Indian Express on March 16 that it is in fact true that the entire nation is experiencing the second wave. While local authorities in various states are enforcing stringent measures, all eyes will be on the key meet to be chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi today. During the virtual discussion with all Chief Ministers, PM is supposed to take stock of the situation in terms of new infections and the status of the vaccination drive.

Maharashtra is has reported over 15,000 cases on a daily basis in March. State capital Mumbai is already in the danger zone with over 1,000 new infections being recorded on daily basis. Pune has also seen the surge. Nagpur became the first city to impose a total lockdown in 2021. The fact remains that while opening up of the economic activities may have helped the businesses in covering up the losses of 2020, the ground reality is that lack of mask discipline and zero social distancing have put people in the dangerous zone of high infection groups. Apart from the local factors, the new cases of blood-clotting due to the AstraZeneca vaccine may also be discussed in the meeting between the PM and Chief Ministers.

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