Did you know which UAE player slammed 4th-fastest century in men’s ODIs? Check out!

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AB de Villiers holds the record for the quickest century in one-day internationals, reaching a century in 31 balls in 2015. In the same time, Corey Anderson scored a century in 36 balls in 2014.

Daily cricket matches take place somewhere in the world. As matching occur, records are created and stored on deterioration. Meanwhile, in One Day International, a player has created a new history. An obscure guy got such a quick century that major names were left in the dust, and Shahid Afridi and AB de Villiers’ records were left to be shattered. But, when it comes to Associate Countries, this is the quickest century. Asif Khan is the subject of our discussion. You may not recognise him, yet he has accomplished something remarkable. Let’s speak about his incredible track record.

AB de Villiers of South Africa holds the record for the quickest century in One Day Internationals. In 2015, he hit 100 runs in 31 balls against the West Indies. This is a record that has yet to be broken. Numerous players have come close, but the record remains the same. Following this is the number of Corey Anderson, who made a century off 36 balls against the West Indies in 2014. Shahid Afridi’s name is ranked third on this list. In 1996, he got a century in 37 balls against Sri Lanka.

For many years, Shahid Afridi had the record for the quickest ODI century, but in 2015, AB de Villiers broke it. You’ll be astonished to see that Asif Khan is ranked fourth on this list. Asif Khan of the UAE got a century in 41 balls against Nepal. He has now surpassed South African Mark Boucher. In 2006, Mark Bouchon hit a 44-ball century against Zimbabwe.

Asif Khan is a cricketer for the United Arab Emirates, abbreviated as UAE. By the way, Asif Khan has achieved the fastest century for the Associate Nations. When the UAE played Nepal, Mohammad Wisam hit 63 off 49 balls, but Asif Khan was the true hero of the match.

Asif Khan was born in Lahore, although he currently represents the UAE. During his innings, Asif Khan faced 42 balls and scored an undefeated 101 runs. As soon as he arrived at the crease, Asif Khan began to classify the bowlers, and as the game went, he got more explosive. As a result, after the 50th over of the match was concluded, the UAE team’s score reached 310.

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