Elon Musk meets Apple CEO Tim Cook after Twitter drama; This is what he says now


Elon Musk has met Apple CEO Tim Cook and come up with clarifications on the Twitter drama going earlier.

Elon Musk has been at war with words on Twitter ever since he ascended the throne of Twitter. While there is some kind of drama every week, Musk recently got into a fight with Apple and its CEO Tim Cook over a scare of Apple banning the Twitter app on the App Store. Musk even went on to ask Apple whether it supports the idea of free speech and what CEO Tim Cook thinks about it. After the flurry of tweets from Musk, it seems Tim Cook invited Musk to the Apple headquarters for a chat.

Based on the latest tweets from Elon Musk, it seems he was invited by Apple CEO Tim Cook to the Apple headquarters. Musk put up a tweet with a video showing a quick glimpse of the Apple headquarters, wherein he appears to be taking a walk with Tim Cook himself. In a follow up tweet, Musk clarified the drama build up, assuring that Apple never considered banning the app from the App Store.

Elon Musk clarifies stand on App Store ban

In the tweet, Musk wrote, “Good conversation. Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store. Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so,” Musk tweeted.

Prior to this, Musk said on Twitter that he got to know that Apple was considering to remove the Twitter app from the App Store. Musk then openly started asking Apple whether it was all for the idea of free speech. He eventually asked Tim Cook “what’s going on?”

Twitter under Musk has been observing a lot of changes, with the latest salvo being a vast number of employees quitting the company. Musk is now building a new Twitter, wherein he wants the platform to be an everything app.


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