Fake police officer Chetan Bhende arrested by Dubai police


Detailed report

Indian-born Mumbaikar Bhupesh Kamble, 5 times Maharashtra Boxing Champion National Boxing Player, worked hard and earned his graduate degree. After graduation as a means of income, he tried his luck in Dubai So, he started coaching in physical training and fitness clubs, which he likes. And not stopping at the dream of owning a training institute, he was going around to collect finance through marketing. Meanwhile, he met his old acquaintance Chetan Bhende, in Mumbai in 2010, and Bhupesh proposed to him to do business in Dubai in 2021. The basic reason for this proposal was that whenever Chetan Bhende used to visit Dubai or Bhupesh came to Mumbai, Chetan, an elite officer, used to hang around among IAS, IPS, and senior civil servants and do their private work and pretend to have close relations with the big people in politics, not only that. Ajitdada Pawar’s son Partha Pawar and Vasant Davkhare’s son Prabodh Davkhare and others He used to come to Dubai saying that politicians were his close business friends and for him, he used a visiting card with the Royal Seal of India as members of the Central Advisory Committees of the Telephone Authority of India and based on his fluent speaking style I also requested him for financing as I needed finance. He agreed to come as a partner for a gym costing approximately Rs 8-10 crores. Around the same time, we came to know of a proposal to run a gym in Dubai called Juni Marine 72 on rent, and taking advantage of it, I suggested to Chetan Bhende that we should do this together.

For this reason, business is not allowed in Dubai without a Dubai work permit holder and certified meat so Chetan Bhende, a Mumbai-based person is required to partner with a Dubai permit holder to do business in Dubai. Apart from that, the partnership and business in Dubai could not be started, so we both entered into an MOA i.e., Memorandum of Association for gym and fitness business before the court in Dubai as per the law of Dubai with me Bhupesh Kamble 40% and Chetan Mande 60%. The money was invested and the primary investment started looking at the place, renting the place, and doing it on the spot. After signing this agreement on the bid of 60% of Chetan Bhende’s share, Chetan Bande stayed in Dubai for a month and returned to Mumbai. After a few days, I called Chetan Bhande repeatedly to give him business updates and suggested that he should pay 60% of his share as per the partnership deed, but he used to avoid giving reasons. As I felt that Chetan was avoiding me over the phone and I already had crores of rupees involved and I felt the need to take some proper action, I decided to seek legal advice and through my lawyer in Dubai I sent a notice to Chetan Bhende and a Constantly deed to pay 60 percent. Requested to complete the contract Chetan Bhende was evasive on this, but Chetan Bhende started trying to get the inside information about the gym, secretly unknown to me, through names Mustafa Mohammad and Dexton Picture, by joining hands with some people working in our gym with me. Based on that, he began to try to get information by sending correspondence and emails to DP World, a government-approved company in Dubai, that rents space to us, regarding the false information. And without stopping there, Chetan then started complaining that our said gym business was being run in the wrong way. Said and my lawyer stated in the notice and sent it repeatedly through email that this partnership deed should be terminated after I enter the said case in Dubai on 4/4/2021. And so that my involved gym money goes in the right direction and the gym starts, I sent a notice to Chetan Mandella in advance and asked him to pay 60 percent, but he didn’t pay it, so I started trying to raise the money through my acquaintances in Dubai. And because of my good business and reputation in Dubai, my close friends and family advised me to sign a contract with me and raise the necessary funds to start a gym due to business and non-business interests. And so I, Jim, took a proper video of my stuck money and got my money rolling in the transaction and started earning from it. I didn’t sink into this deal so I took money from Dubai-based professionals to start the gym and complete the work of the gym and the gym. turned on,

During the last four months, my lawyer in Dubai filed a suit against Chetan Bhende in Dubai Court within the prescribed time on 00/0/00 by sending a notice in this regard to Chetan Bhende for breach of partnership deed and putting me in financial crisis. By providing false information to Chetan through his internal informer i.e., Mohammad Mustafa and Dexton Picture, he concealed the proceedings of the Dubai Court and did not attend the Dubai Court despite receiving the notice, violating international norms, misleading the Mumbai Police as per his elite working style and IAS IPS people and misusing it according to the identity of the chartered authorities. He pressed the Anti-Extortion Squad Mumbai Crime Branch and filed a case against me at Gavdevi Police Station on 00/00/00. was doing and keeping an eye on his house and threatening him and threatening to kill him, registered a case by telling the police that it was false.

While registering the said case through Anti-Extraction Cell Extortion Squad, the police after some time sent to my Mumbai friend Kaushik Koli the recording of the conversation between me and Kaushik sent by Mustafa Mohammed and Deccan Picture and on that basis, Kaushik was arrested without any prior notice to the line. After that, Kaushik Rajya was released on bail within seven days, after that, a plan was made to defame me by publishing the matter in the English paper Times of India. Chetan Bhende, who repeatedly insulted me by caste, color, and language, printed this news and forwarded it to my friends and family in Dubai and tried to defame me and affect my business. Mohammed Mustafa and Dexton Pictures, who were working with me in my gym, were constantly getting some information and feeding it to Chetan Bhende, I believe Chetan Bhende told them that he (Bhupesh Kamble) should be brought under the law in Mumbai. We will take it out of the gym and take over all the gyms I am sure that there is such an exchange that I will let the gym, Chetan Bhende, Mohammad Mustafa, and Dexton picture run it and in return for you to run it, you provide me this information, I request Mohammad Mustafar and Dexton picture not to do so. Kelly requested us to act according to law and Dubai law and maintain honesty Still Sadar Mohammad Mustafa and Dexon Pictures continued to send me false and defamatory information, as I have repeatedly mentioned to my lawyers, due to all this process, neither my financiers nor my financiers are conscious agents trying to affect my business by sending false messages and news. He was creating an atmosphere in Dubai by pretending that he was doing business with visiting cards with Indian currency and selling arms of his IAS IPS and Army, and was using this fake card to many people, i.e., Telephone Authority of India through RTI. Is Bhende a member of your authority? And is it allowed to use Indian currency cards? The Central Telephone Authority, which filed an RTI under the 2005 Act and the information from it is very sensational and tarnishes India’s international reputation and reputation, clarified in its reply that Chetan Bhende is not our member and no committee of the authority exists. And the fact that Chetan Bhende is not allowed to use the said Rajmudra card or anyone else means that Chetan Bhende was giving this card to traders and my friends in Dubai and was giving threatening and false information and was trying to build up his business on the basis of that information to which I became a victim Bhupes Kamble and the agreement from him. The partnership deed and gym business got into trouble and cheated me in such a manner.

Chetan Bhende and I used many tricks to make me Prabodh Davkhare, son of respected Vasant Davkhare, owner of Nitro gym in Mumbai and India, we will take partnership in Nitro gym and we will take his franchise from him and we will complete my remaining 60% payment from him, for this suggested he forced Chiranjeev Prabodh Davkhare of Vasant Davkhare to pay 10 lakhs to the owner of Nitrogen on my offer of 50 lakhs for the franchise of Nitro Gym.

After that without stopping Chetan Bhende to complete the 60% and delivering your partnership amount to my gym and completing the 60% agreement made in Dubai by taking a loan to me in Mumbai, I will complete the transaction as per your partnership agreement. For this reason, he took 45 to 47 lakh rupees from me in the form of cash on two different occasions in front of my colleague Krishnan and even after that he did not repay the loan he got to the business and kept avoiding and threatening me. So, I took the legal route and still misled the court notices in Dubai as well as the police and the court and due to this the Dubai lawyer announced his arrest by the court and the police.

Four months later, when Chetan Bhende came to Dubai on 00/00/00, he was arrested for the crime of defaming me, harming me in business, and inciting me for color, hatred, color, language, caste, religion, and was released on bail as per the rules there. left, this matter I dated 00/00/00, Police Commissionerate Mumbai,

I have informed the Central SC ST Commission and the relevant departmental leaders and police stations, I hereby announce that by this letter, I hope to give all possible support to Bhupesh Kamble, who is trying to settle down in Dubai, after giving serious consideration to this matter and giving due consideration to my letter. And it is requested to investigate this conspiracy hatched by Chetan Bhende and file a proper case and bring it in print among us.


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