Forest Officer Shares Picture Of Bird Camouflaging With Tree, Asks Internet To Spot It


Forest Officer Shares Picture Of Bird Camouflaging With Tree, Asks Internet To Spot It

Internet users were left clueless while trying to spot the bird

Everyone likes a good puzzle especially when the challenge is about spotting something. These days, bureaucrats often share intriguing pictures related to flora and fauna, and also test the intelligence of internet users by posting interesting challenges. On Saturday, Indian Forest Service officer Balamurugan P tweeted a picture of a tree he clicked at Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA). It is a professional training academy for the officers of the Indian Forest Service in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. 

He captioned the picture, “Let me know what you see,” and also tagged several other forest service officers. The officer made the challenge all the more difficult as he did not specify if one should look for an animal or a bird in the photo.

See the tweet here:

The photo which contains either a bird or animal, is really hard to spot as it has perfect camouflage. One needs to look at the picture extremely closely to make out the hidden creature. While some internet users were clueless, others asked the IFS officer for a clue. After scrutinising the picture thoroughly, many followers concluded that they could see a bird on the tree. The share got numerous comments from users trying to figure out the bird. A user claimed, “Seems to be a cicada on tree bark…”

Another user finally spotted the bird on the tree, encircled the image, and wrote, ”Maybe here is the bird.” The officer replied to his comment saying, “Exactly, it’s a streak-throated woodpecker.”

A few days back, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan shared an image on Twitter that left social media users scratching their heads. The photo showed two big cats – a leopard and a jaguar – with the spots on their backs visible. Mr Kaswan asked his followers and other Twitter users to identify the correct species based on the patterns on their bodies.


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