Former Google Executive Shares Pic Of “Most Precious” Snack He Takes Back From India

Mr Singh’s post has garnered several likes and comments.

Parminder Singh, former Managing Director of Google and Twitter, recently shared a picture of a beloved snack that he packs in large quantities every time he heads to Singapore. Taking to Twitter on Monday, Mr Singh revealed that he takes several packets of the popular tea snack, Sooji rusks, to the Southeast Asian country so often that the staff at Changi airport also no longer confuses it with Jenga blocks or gold bars. 

“The most precious thing to take back from India is Sooji rusks! We do it so often and in such humongous quantities that even the folks at Changi Airport don’t confuse it with Jenga blocks or gold bars anymore!” Mr Singh wrote in the caption of the post. 

Take a look below: 

Since being shared, Mr Singh’s post has garnered several likes and comments. 

“Hahahaha. Best things ever. My mom carries this and mathi (pheeki wali) as trophies in hand carry because she likes her snacks without minimum breakage, crisp, fresh and from only one shop. Every Punjabi in Delhi has “their dukaan” that no one else can match,” wrote one user. “Lol. That’s rusky,” said another. 

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A third user commented, “high time we start exporting it so that other folks can also enjoy this Indian innovation ( I hope I am right because haven’t seen this in any other country)” A fourth added, “I do the same, Sunrise bakers in Dehradun makes the best rusks.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Mr SIngh also shared a heartwarming incident when a cab driver refused to accept money after he forgot to pay him and rushed to catch his flight at the Delhi airport. He shared that the cab driver understood that he didn’t live in India. On calling and asking for details to transfer money, the “soft-spoken” cab driver refused to accept it. He said, “Koi baat nahi, phir kabhi aa jayenge” (No worries, money can come sometime later.) He was duly paid eventually. 

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