Gemini Health Horoscope 2023: Pay heed to gut health and personal bonds


Gemini natives, the theme in 2023 for you will be personal relationships. But that doesn’t mean that you ignore your health, especially your gut health. You need to control your diet and if you have blood pressure issues, simply avoid eating oily food. Working out is good, but don’t overdo it, otherwise you might get injured in the coming months. An older family member’s health will also need attention, so take out some time and talk to them about any discomfort or issues.

Gemini Yearly Predictions for Health 2023

Your health will not see any major changes as your focus will be on being more disciplined. But you might face some issues after August and October, especially in the areas of stomach. This means that your gut health needs some attention. You need to control your diet and if you are prone to blood pressure, simply avoid oily food. Avoid excessive workout as well, else there can be chances of injury around May and July. Also, avoid self-medication after September, else it might backfire.

Gemini Yearly Health Horoscope 2023: Work and mental health

On the work front, your prime objective will be starting something new or changing your line of work. Initially, you might feel let down with your current state of affairs, but after March, some sense of clarity will give you a push forward which will bring in positive results around June and September. Be open to working with new people. After November, you will see a lot of financial gains. Those who have their own business will get into collaborations and partnerships that will be fruitful post-June. You might even register or open a new office. Be discreet about finances and avoid taking impulsive financial decisions around February and March. Avoid giving personal loans around September.

Gemini Health Horoscope 2023: Love and relationships

Family life will be the centre of attention around April and June. They will especially be connected with issues from the past. There will be unresolved issues that will need attention. An older family member’s health will need attention in August and November. If you are married, your relationship with your partner will need a lot of attention and healing post-August. You will have to be more conscious about their feelings and expectations rather than taking them for granted. Their health will need attention in February and May. Those who are planning a baby this year, a fruitful period will be post-April. Social life will be stable and you will make new friends post-June. Also, push yourself to be more social post-October. Expect travels for social purposes around January and February and post-October.

Avoid bickering with an old friend over money matters around July and August. If you are single, someone from the past will try and get in touch with you around May and June. Avoid giving them a second chance, else you might regret it later. You will meet someone new and interesting through a family member or an arrange set-up around May and July. Expect commitment post-November.

Health tip: Don’t seek approval.


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