Harsh Goenka Asks Santa To Grant Him A ”Fat Bank Account” And ”Skinny Body” For New Year

Social media users were amused by the hilarious tweet

Over the years, children have been writing notes and letters to Santa Claus as a part of the Christmas traditions. Children believe their letters will reach Santa and their wishes will come true that if they are well-behaved. Not just children, but adults are also making wishes they want Santa to grant for the coming year. One of them is RPG Group Chairperson Harsh Goenka who made a similar wish to Santa asking him for a ‘fat bank account’ and a ‘skinny body’.

“My wish from Santa,” read the caption of the photo shared on Twitter by Harsh Goenka. With the tweet, he has attached a photo of an embroidered cloth with cheeky text. It reads, “Dear Santa, all I want is a fat bank account and a skinny body. Please don’t mix it up again like last year!”

See the tweet here:

Shared on Wednesday, the tweet has garnered more than 3500 likes, and 275 retweets so far. Social media users were amused by the hilarious tweet and shared their wish lists for Santa. 

One user said, ”I have skinny body but have to workout for fat bank account,shall we swap our wishes sir let’s give break for Santa this year..he must be busy on fulfilling others wishes .. Another commented, ” And my wish from Santa this year. May he fulfill and accomplish all your wishes esteemable sir. Thanks for keeping us trilled with your such thrilling tweets.” A third said, ” “You are doing great. Don’t unnecessarily confuse Santa and get that mixed up,” posted an individual.”

Speaking of Christmas wishes, an 8-year-old girl’s letter to Santa asking him to help her mum and dad with their finances, went viral o Twitter, leaving many heartbroken. The letter read, ‘’To Santa, all I want for Christmas is some money for Mummy and Daddy. They struggle with bills and mortgages. I even feel sad. Please, please Santa can you make it work? I know it’s a lot though I’m sorry. Love Emmie.” The letter ended with a ‘’Please”.


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