Instagram mysterious outage! No access for long time, know all about it


Instagram was down in the early hours of Tuesday, and users were left complaining on Twitter.

Instagram was mysteriously down in the early hours of Tuesday, and it left a lot of Instagram loyalists furious. Social media platforms often keep on going down due to some technical glitches in several parts of the world, chief among which are social media platforms managed by Meta. Facebook went down a couple of months ago and so does WhatsApp occasionally. Instagram also keeps going down every now and then, and the latest occurrence of the same happened on Tuesday.

Based on a report from The Sun, it is said that Instagram went down for sometime in the early hours of Tuesday, December 6, in the UK. Downdetector immediately started showing spikes in the reports from several users, all complaining about the outage of the photo sharing platform. The outage has, however, lasted briefly for a few minutes and soon after, Instagram was back online for everyone.

Instagram went down again

Reports of Instagram outage in the Indian subcontinent weren’t observed at the time, and hence, it could be limited to the UK region. Instagram did not have an official explanation for the outage in the UK. This suggests that the outage was largely caused due to some server based issue.

As is the norm, people began flocking over to twitter to enquire about the Instagram outage. From serious complaints to hilarious memes, Twitter was full of those in the hours that followed.

While this was just a brief outage, a bigger one happened a month ago. At the end of October, Instagram went down across the world for some users, showing that their accounts were suspended. Users were baffled to see their accounts suspended, and Instagram giving them the chance to appeal. The company later acknowledged that it was an error on their end and was fixed soon after.



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