iOS 16.2 could release on December 12! Know what changes will it bring to iPhone

Apple may roll out iOS 16.2 update on December 12, 2022. It is expected to bring major changes to your iPhone. Check details here.

Apple has already released the iOS 16.1 update for the iPhone users, while the iOS 16.2 is under the testing period since October. According to a report by MacRumors, Apple may roll out the candidate version of iOS 16.2 on December 6. While the iOS 16.2 roll out is expected on December 12.

“We typically see five or more betas before a release candidate, but timelines get crunched during the holiday season. Last year, Apple seeded just four betas of iOS 15. 2 before the RC and subsequent launch, so we could see something similar this year. If that’s the plan, Apple could provide us with the release candidate version of iOS 16.2 next week, likely on Tuesday, December 6. With that in mind, we could see an iOS 16.2 launch the week of December 12.” the report said.

The report further added that the week of December 19 is also a possibility if Apple comes up with more beta releases. “Last year’s iOS 15.2 launch happened on Monday, December 13, after Apple provided the fourth beta on December 2 and the RC on December 7,” it added. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also said that the launch of the iOS 16.2 in mid-December.

With the roll out of the iOS 16.2, Apple is expected to bring several changes to the iPhone. Here are some of the major updates you need to know.

1. The Freeform App: The new Freeform app is a productivity tool which can be used by the iPhone users to add post-it notes, shapes, files, links, scans, photos and videos, audio, typed text, and more. Users will also be able to plan projects, brainstorm ideas, create inspiration boards, and more using the app.

2. Change to Lock Screen: The iOS 16.2 update will bring Sleep Widget and Medication widget. It is also expected to bring shortcut actions to the Lock Screen including wallpapers for Lock Screen and set Wallpaper Photo.

3. Home App: The iOS 16.2 updates are expected to add support for an updated Home app architecture providing faster, more reliable performance in homes with many smart accessories.

4. Always On Display: Currently only the iPhone 14 Pro models are available with the Always on display. With the iOS 16.2 update, two new toggles are expected to come for disabling wallpaper and notifications when the always on display feature is activated.

5. News in Weather App: You will be able to see relevant weather-related news in your area as news headlines in the Weather app.

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