iPhone 14 saves life again, crash detection saves car crash victims from canyon


iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via Satellite and Crash Detection feature saved car crash victims from serious accident.

iPhone 14 isn’t much of a big upgrade over the iPhone 13 but there’s one feature that Apple advertised the most – the new Emergency SOS via Satellite and Crash Detection. Although considered to be a simple feature, this safety feature has already proven its worth by saving a man’s life earlier in Alaska, and several other isolated incidents thereafter. Now, another incident shows how helpful the Crash Detection feature can be in the case of a serious car accident.

A car accident took place in the US that saw the victims’ car falling down a mountainside 300 feet down a remote canyon. The incident took place on the Angeles Forest Highway in the Angeles National Forest in California, and there was no cellular signal. The victims had an iPhone 14 model in the car, which triggered the Emergency SOS via Satellite after the Crash Detection feature did its job.

iPhone 14 saves life of car crash victims

The iPhone 14 model then did its thing and helped in providing emergency rescue service all the necessary information. The victims used the feature to send a text message to Apple’s relay centers, which eventually got in touch with the LA County Sheriff’s department. The victims were eventually evacuated from the crash scene via a rescue helicopter. They were brought to the hospital and treated for mild to moderate injuries.

The Montrose Search and Rescue Team later confirmed that Emergency SOS via Satellite feature was used to get help, and Apple’s call center was able to provide the accurate latitude and longitude for the victim’s crash location.

Note that the Crash Detection and Emergency Satellite via SOS are available on all iPhone 14 variants. The satellite connectivity feature is activated when there is no Wi-Fi or cellular connection available. The Crash Detection feature is also available on the Apple Watch SE 2, Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra. The Emergency SOS via Satellite is only available in North America, France, Germany, Ireland and the UK, and is free for two years.


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