iPhone XR based iPhone SE 4 to be delayed or cancelled, could kill iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone SE 4 is now expected to be either cancelled or postponed to 2024, says Ming Chi Kuo.

The iPhone SE 4th Gen might not be happening! Based on a new tip, it seems that the iPhone SE 4 may be cancelled or delayed to 2024. The reason behind this comes down to poor sales that Apple is observing from the iPhone SE 3, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone 14 Plus. Rumours have suggested in the past that the iPhone SE 4 will be largely based on the iPhone XR from 2018, with the exception of a new chipset.

Popular analyst specialising in Apple related leaks, Ming-Chi Kuo, suggests that the iPhone SE 4 will be likely cancelled or delayed. “My latest survey indicates that Apple will likely cancel or postpone the mass production plan for the 2024 iPhone SE 4. I think this is due to the consistently lower-than-expected shipments of mid-to-low-end iPhones (e.g., SE 3, 13 mini, and 14 Plus),” writes Kuo in his latest tweet.

iPhone SE 4 could be cancelled

In a further comment, Kuo says, “as well as concerns that the full-screen design of the SE 4 will lead to an increase in higher costs/selling prices. As a result, Apple may need to reconsider the product positioning and return on investment for the SE 4.”

Hence, the iPhone SE 4 is now considered to affect the rest of the iPhone lineup if it goes up for sale. With a bigger 6.1-inch display, a good battery life, and a pair of decent cameras, the rumoured iPhone SE 4 could give a lot of consumers enough reasons to avoid spending more on the iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and other models. The iPhone XR may now be cheaper to make but putting a new A16 chip in it could drive up the costs, which may make it too expensive to own.

Currently, the iPhone SE 3rd Gen is selling at a marked-up price. The phone originally launched at a starting price of Rs. 43,999 but inflation and other factors drove up that price to Rs. 49,990. That is a lot of money for a phone with a vintage 4.7-inch LCD display and a puny battery size. Rival Android-based brands offer much better deals at similar prices.

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