Is daily masturbation bad for your health?

It is a fun, natural, and healthy activity to masturbate. It is the safest way to release any build of sexual tension. A lot of myths surfaced over the years perceiving continuous masturbation as unhealthy. Whereas, it is one of the safest ways to explore your body, feel pleasure, and relish umpteen mental and physical health benefits of it. Some people masturbate every day, some do it once a week, and some maybe even do it once or twice a year. While others don’t do it all. It is a personal choice that, if done with awareness, it can result in releasing feel-good vibes within one’s body.

To answer the question “Is daily masturbation bad for health?”, Health Shots got in touch with Dr Madhura Samudra, a consultant psychiatrist and a sex educator to prick the bubble and generate awareness on this less spoken-about topic.

What exactly is masturbation?

Dr Samudra explains the process of masturbation and says, “Let’s start with understanding what falls under the umbrella of masturbation! Any activity that involves connecting, physically touching, or caressing your erogenous body parts (which may or may not include your genitals) can be considered masturbation. The most common form usually includes fondling of the genital regions (namely the penis in the males or clitoris in females), insertion of a finger or some object within the vaginal canal leading to orgasm”.

Masturbation is great, but only if you do it right. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Is masturbation safe if done on a regular basis?

The expert tells that it is a common belief that daily masturbation can have harmful effects on the body or mind. But, there is no scientific data that suggests that masturbation is bad for your health, even when indulged in daily or more than once a day. In fact, it is a safe and free method to experience sexual pleasure and connect with your own body.

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Several studies have also described the health and sexual benefits of masturbating regularly leads to better sexual outcomes, greater satisfaction and a reduction in overall stress levels, and improved cardiac function and sleep. In females, masturbating during menses can alleviate cramps and symptoms of menstrual syndrome like mood swings, bloating, cravings, etc. There is also no risk for pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections with solitary activities like masturbation. It is, however, important to indulge in masturbation under hygienic conditions and in a comfortable, private space.

daily masturbation
Masturbation needs care and caution too! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Researchers have noticed that an impaired erection while masturbating is a warning sign of cardiac dysfunction or poor heart health.

Dr. Samudra further tells that years of conditioning and ill perceptions towards masturbation in various parts of the country, as cultural beliefs related to loss of semen leading to weakness and loss of energy have led to misconceptions about masturbation in general.

A better understanding of our own bodies can lead to confident and well-informed people. With improved sex education and the creation of non-judgemental spaces for conversations around masturbation or sexual activities, we will be able to see greater awareness and a lessening of stigma around these topics.

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