It figures! Wordle is the MOST searched word on Google in 2022

Google crowns Wordle as the most popular search term of 2022. Check the rest of the list here.

The instant, worldwide popularity of the online game Wordle is no secret to anyone. As soon as Wordle came into the limelight, it shot right to the top of all trends across the globe. Almost instantaneously, people became obsessed with this word-guessing game. There is a high chance that you too must have played Wordle at some point or the other in 2022. Or perhaps you Googled it to know more about this viral trend. Well, you were not the only one. It has now been revealed that Wordle was crowned as the most Googled word of 2022 globally!

Recently, Google released its annual list of the ‘Year in Search 2022′ which listed what people searched the most for on Google throughout the year. Unsurprisingly, Google’s most popular search term of 2022 was none other than Wordle. Albeit, it was mostly searched in February, 2022.

However, by a chance, if you missed playing this popular game, it is an online game developed by Josh Wardle back in October last year in 2021. In the game, players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word. It was then acquired by The New York Times. Also, the Times partnered with Hasbro in July to turn Wordle into a board game. Last month, Tracy Bennett became the new editor of Wordle. The best part is that Wordle is still free to play.

On the Google list of the most searched words or phrases, this online game was followed by India vs England match, Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth, and Ind vs SA match this year. Apart from these, iPhone 14 became the 8th most searched term on Google in 2022 globally.

Moreover, according to Google’s trends, India has also recorded all-time high search moments in cricket and football in 2022. “India’s passion for sport reached new heights this year in Search. The Indian Premier League led the pack of trending searches in India, while queries for the T20 World Cup and Asia Cup reached an all-time high,” Google said in a blog post.

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