Jammu Region Free Of Terror, Says Police Chief

Almost all districts in Jammu region are now free of terrorism, which is now at its lowest ebb across the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, its top police officer has said.

“We are more proactive than what is required. Police and security forces are jointly working to defeat every conspiracy by Pakistani agencies to disrupt peace here,” Dilbag Singh, Director General of J&K Police said today.

He said the only exception are a few terrorists operating in one area. “All districts of Jammu have been freed from militancy except one district where three to four terrorists are still operating. We are proactively pursuing them and we will soon finish these few terrorists as well,” the DGP said.

Kashmir division has 10 districts, too.

“Militancy has been wiped out to such an extent that any potential terror recruit is thinking 10 times whether he should follow this path or not,” added Mr Singh.

He said the police are counselling local youngsters that Pakistani agencies want bloodshed and destruction in Kashmir and, for last 30 years, they have been doing it.

“Now is the time to understand their (Pakistan’s) designs. It’s time to condemn and finish terrorism. The local population is playing its role. It is due to the support of the youth that militancy is at its lowest ebb today,” added Mr Singh.

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