Just before iOS 16.2, Apple updates AirTag! This is what is new

Apple releases a new firmware update for the Airtag before the release of iOS 16.2 on iPhones.

iOS 16.2 is expected to be released soon and prior to that, Apple has rolled out a new firmware update for its infamous tracker, the AirTag. Reports have started coming in about a new firmware update for the AirTag tracker that is reaching several customers across the world. Apple doesn’t state the improvements and changes with the latest update, and is rolling it out at a rapid pace.

As with AirTags, you cannot update the firmware manually. Instead, you have to ensure that the tracker stays within the range of your iPhone. The AirTag will automatically download the update over some time and install it on its own. AirTags also got an update earlier this year that added the ability to tune the notification chime.

AirTag gets new update

The Apple AirTag has been in lots of controversies related to stalking and illegal tracking. AirTags have been found to be stuffed in victim’s bags, or the underbody of their car, and some other mobile thing to locate their position. Lots of cases regarding stalking have crept up about the AirTag. Additionally, thieves in the US were also using trackers to steal cars.

The AirTag can be attached to your personal items for tracking their location. The trackers uses iPhones and Apple devices nearby to pinpoint its location on the map via Find My. The U1 chip inside allows users of iPhone 11 and newer models to pinpoint the location in space.

On the other hand, Apple is rumoured to release the iOS 16.2 update soon. The latest update to iOS 16 will add the ability to tweak the Always On display mode on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, allowing for enhance privacy. The update will also add support for 5G connectivity in India on the networks of Reliance Jio and Airtel, both of which offer Standalone and Non Standalone flavours of 5G. All iPhone 12 and newer models, as well as iPhone SE 3, support all kinds of 5G requirements.


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