Kunchacko Boban starrer Ariyippu OTT release: Know when, where to watch it online

Do not miss the Ariyippu OTT release. Know when and where to watch this Kunchacko Boban starrer online.

If you are tired of watching mass movies and prefer something with a little more substance and artistic value, then you are in for a treat. While James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is currently running in the theaters, if you prefer to watch movies online, then the Malayalam-language drama Ariyippu should definitely be on your watch list. The movie introspects interpersonal relationships and the effect of society in it. The movie has a unique take on life that you should not miss. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, you should know that the lead role is played by Kunchacko Boban. If you want to watch the movie, you should know when and where to watch the Ariyippu OTT release.

Ariyippu OTT release

The film is directed by Mahesh Narayanan who is known for Take Off (2017) which got a special mention in the 65th National Film Awards. He is also a recipient of the Kerala State Film Award for Best Debut Director for the same film.

Interestingly, Ariyippu premiered in the Concorso internazionale (international competition section) of the 75th Locarno Film Festival on August 4, but was never released commercially in India. The movie also won a nomination for Golden Leopard in the festival. Now, four months later, the movie is taking the direct-to-OTT route and will be releasing on streaming platforms directly.

Ariyippu roughly translates to ‘Declaration’. The movie is set during the pandemic times of Noida. The story revolves around a Malayali couple who want to move abroad for a better life. However, an unexpected incident turns their life around and causes strain in their marital and social life. The movie stars Kunchacko Boban, Divya Prabha, Danish husain, Loveleen Mishra, Faizal Malik in pivotal roles.

Although the movie is a hidden gem, it has already created buzz on YouTube. Its trailer has received 1.2 million views in just 7 days, along with 13,000 likes and 361 comments.

The movie will be released on Netflix on December 16 and you can watch it online from the comfort of your home as long as you have a subscription to the platform.

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