Man Fired For Not Being “Fun” Enough Wins Legal Case Against Employer

The man argued in his petition that he did not share the company’s definition of “fun”.

A man in France has won a legal case against the company who fired him on the ground that he isn’t “fun” enough and doesn’t take part in work drinks and team-building activities, according to a report in The Telegraph. The man, identified as Mr T, was working as senior adviser with Paris-based consultancy firm Cubik Partners and was dismissed for being “insufficient professionally” because he didn’t get involved in social events it organised for staff to bolster team spirit.

The French court gave the ruling earlier this month but it was revealed this week. The court said that it was not “everyone’s cup of tea to forcibly participate in seminars and end-of-week drinks frequently ending up in excessive alcohol intake, encouraged by associates who made very large quantities of alcohol available”, said The Telegraph report.

The court further said it was also not possible for everyone to “engage in practices linking promiscuity, bullying and incitement to get involved in various forms of excess and misconduct”.

In its stern order, the court called the company’s “fun” culture “humiliating and intrusive practices”.

Mr T had originally approached and industrial tribunal and then an appeal was heard in the French court, which sided with him.

The sacked employee argued in his petition that he did not share the company’s definition of “fun” and had the right to “refuse company policy based on incitement to partake in various excesses”.

He had joined the company in 2011 and became a Director in 2014. But Cubik Partners decided to fire him in 2015 because he lacked party spirit it was seeking to promote.

The company also claimed that Mr T was a poor listener and difficult to work with.

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