Mass resignations at Twitter! Elon Musk shuts office, revokes badge access


Hundreds of Twitter employees resign after Elon Musk gives in to demands of working long hours. Soon after, Musk ordered Twitter offices shut and revoked badge access till November 21.

The chaos at Twitter does not seem to end. After the recent mass layoffs and the issue with blue verification ticks, which was rolled back after hordes of verified accounts began impersonating famous personalities, a new trouble is brewing at the Twitter headquarters. Various reports suggest that hundreds of employees have resigned from the company after Elon Musk gave out an ultimatum to the staff making them choose between “extremely hardcore” working hours or risk losing their jobs.

According to a report by India Today, Musk had also given the option to employees that those who want to quit will receive a severance pay. After the ultimatum, many employees chose not to sign the pledge and instead resigned with a severance package. After the mass resignation, Twitter has shut its office and revoked badge access until November 21. As of now, no other information has been shared with the employees.

Mass resignation at Twitter

On Wednesday, Musk sent a company-wide email titled “A fork in the road”. In the email, employees were asked to sign an online form committing to “long hours at high intensity”. The email read, “If you are sure that you want to be part of the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below”.

Musk had also underlined that Twitter needs to be “extremely hardcore” and the employees need to be working long, intense hours. According to a report by The Guardian, Musk apparently did not anticipate the amount of resignations. He also had to spend time with some high ranking officials to convince them to stay.

This wave of mass resignations came after a period of mass layoff where Musk fired 7,500 employees globally, cutting down the workforce by 50 percent. Some reports are suggesting that the resignations will now take this number to a staggering 88 percent. However, the company is yet to release any attrition numbers publicly.


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