Mt Everest-bound Bahraini prince brings Covid vaccine to Nepal without permission, probe ordered

Bahrain’s prince Mohamed Hamad Mohamed al-Khalifa has found himself in troubled waters after he brought over 2,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine to Nepal on Monday ahead of his Mount Everest expedition.

According to BBC, the Bahraini Embassy in Nepal had informed local media outlets that the prince wanted to donate the vaccine to the villagers of Samagaun in Gorkha district before climbing Mount Everest.

A spokesperson for the company, which had arranged the prince’s trip, was quoted as saying that the team would be quarantining for a week before distributing the vaccine.

Given that the import of drugs into the country requires prior permission and a guarantee that they will be stored properly, Nepal’s Department of Drug Administration said that a probe has been launched to investigate the import of the vaccines.

(With inputs from BBC)

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