NASA warns of hazardous asteroid hurtling dangerously close to Earth TODAY


Asteroid threat is looming over Earth today! Could this space rock impact the surface? Know what NASA has to say.

If you’ve ever wondered if asteroids have ever impacted the Earth, then you’d be amazed to know that once a year, a vehicle-sized asteroid hits Earth’s atmosphere, creating a giant fireball although it burns up before reaching the surface. An asteroid the size of a football field hits Earth and causes significant damage to the area concerned approximately every 2000 years. If you’re wondering about planet-killing asteroids, they come along only once every few million years. And many are of the view that one such killer asteroid is due.

In the meanwhile, NASA has warned that another asteroid is on its way towards Earth and although it might not be a planet killer, it could still cause localized damage if it impacts the surface, if it can manage to survive the fiery passage through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Asteroid 2022 VL5 information

According to NASA, the asteroid, named Asteroid 2022 VL5 by NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies, is expected to make its closest approach to Earth today, November 15, at a distance of just 3.2 million kilometers. This aircraft-sized asteroid, with a width of nearly 76 feet, is zooming towards Earth at a blistering speed of 29289 kilometers per hour. However, you can be relieved as it is not expected to impact the planet.

According to, the Asteroid 2022 VL5 was discovered just a week ago on November 9. It belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids and takes just 365 days to orbit the Sun, which is strikingly similar to Earth’s orbit. During this journey, its maximum distance from the Sun is 191 million kilometers and minimum distance is 108 million kilometers.


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