Nothing Ear 1 is gone! Company says go for Ear Stick earbuds instead

Nothing Ear 1 stocks in India has ended and there won’t be new ones available anymore.

Nothing Ear 1 is no more available in India! The Ear 1 earbuds was Nothing’s first product across the world, and kickstarted the hype trend for the brand. It went on sale in 2021 and for a long time, it was the sole product from the company. Now, Manu Sharma from the Indian team at Nothing has clarified that all units of the Nothing Ear 1 have been exhausted. Sharma doesn’t hint at bringing back the units of the Ear 1, and instead asks buyers to consider the Nothing Ear Stick.

“#Update Nothing Ear (1) was our debut product and received an overwhelming response across the globe. In India, Ear (1) is now completely sold out on Flipkart,” says Manu. He goes on to say that users should instead check out the Ear Stick earbuds that were launched recently. The Ear Stick is another addition to the earbuds lineup and goes for an open in-ear design.

Nothing Ear 1 discontinued in India?

The Ear 1 was the company’s most advanced and feature rich audio product in India and newer version of Ear Stick left out a few advancements. The Ear 1 had Active Noise cancellation and support for wireless charging in the case. The Ear Stick left out the ANC and the wireless charging, and left out the silicon eartips for an open in-ear design.

At the time of launch, the Nothing Ear Stick was carrying a higher price of Rs. 8499, which was almost Rs. 1000 higher than the Ear 1. The Ear Stick has a trendy new case design and an interesting twist open action for the case.

Nothing is also selling the Nothing Phone 1, which is its first smartphone for the market. The Phone 1 is a midrange Android smartphone that focuses on things such as a transparent back design and its unique Glyph lighting interface. The Phone 1 also has a 6.5-inch OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate, and a dual 50MP rear camera system. Nothing has promised the first beta of Android 13 based Nothing OS update and a full stable release by early 2023.

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