Ola Move OS 3 update rolls out to Ola S1 Pro, Ola S1 riders now: How to download

Ola Move OS 3 update has started rolling out Ola’s electric scooters now. Here is how to download.

Ola Electric is now rolling out the Move OS 3 update for its existing fleet of Ola S1 series scooters. After announcing it last Diwali, the Ola Move OS 3 update is now available for riders of the Ola S1 Pro and Ola S1. The update is available as a free to download package for riders, similar to the Move OS 2 update package that was released last Summer. The new update brings in a lot of improvements as well as features.

The update is rolling out in stages to riders of the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro scooters, and hence could take time to reach your vehicle. Here is a quick way to check if your scooter is eligible for the update.

– On your Ola scooter, head over to the Settings section and scroll down to “All Settings”.

– Now scroll down and tap on Software Update. You will see the scooter checking for update.

– If the update is available, you will get an option to download it. If not, you will need to wait for it.

Move OS 3 features at a glance

The Move OS 3 update brings some big upgrades to the Ola electric scooters. The update enables the support for Ola’s Hypercharger network, which will allow riders to quickly top-up the battery; 50 kms of range in 15 minutes. Riders can look for the Hyperchargers in their cities and navigate to it to do a quick top-up.

The update also brings other driving features such as hill-hold assist and regenerative braking modes. Riders can also unlock their scooters using the proximity alert mode. There are three moods on the dash screen to take advantage of – Bolt, Vintage, and Eclipse, all of which change the speedo design and sound from the onboard speakers. A new Vacation mode allows the scooter to preserve the battery by disconnecting it from the circuit.

Riders can also share the passcode with their family members, and there is a new Party Mode that flash the scooter’s lights in sync with the music playing via the onboard speakers. The update also improves the display’s touch response, better connectivity, faster home charging speeds, and accurate estimation of charging times.

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