Passenger Tries To Smuggle Snakes, Lizards In Tinfoil At Israel Airport


The man was arrested while he was returning from Hungry

Wildlife trafficking is the world’s second-largest black market. A man in his 20s attempted to smuggle three lizards and two snakes but was arrested at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. The Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry made pictures and videos of the incident public. The man wrapped the animals in tinfoil and put them in a lunch box to disguise them as a snack. 

The man was arrested while he was returning from Hungry. The video shows the customs inspectors at Israel airport searching the man’s packages, he found snakes and lizards hidden inside a lunchbox and a pair of socks. The name of the suspect was not disclosed. The passenger hid the animals in the plastic container in empty snack bags and tin foil to make it look like his in-flight lunch. 

A statement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel says that the rescue took place “thanks to cooperation between the inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture, the customs director, the nature and parks authority and the border guard.”

Local media said that the man was on a return flight to Israel from Hungary and that he was arrested several days ago and faces up to two years in prison. The authorities said that the smuggled animals would be returned to their country of origin.

Meanwhile, in October last year, as many as 140 exotic wildlife species, including an Albino Wallaby, were rescued in Mizoram. According to police sources, the exotic animals were smuggled from neighbouring Myanmar and smugglers from both countries were involved.


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