Pic Of Under-12 US Footballer With Moustache And Tattoos Shocks Internet


Pic Of Under-12 US Footballer With Moustache And Tattoos Shocks Internet

Jeremiah Johnson with his trophy.

The video of an American football player has stunned the users on social media who refuse to believe he is 12 years old. Jeremiah Johnson, from Fort Worth, became an internet sensation after winning the Under-12 MVP award at Youth National Championships in Miami this week. The lad posted a photo of himself posing with the trophy but his fans were left in astonishment as they could not believe the athlete with facial hair, a moustache and tattoo is still a pre-teen. The photo started a discussion among social media users over his real age.

Johnson revealed his age to a man on TikTok after the event and the video has now gone viral.

The man asks the athlete how old he is. “I’m 12,” Johnson is heard saying. The man then shakes hand with Johnson and says he deserves the award that he was proudly holding.

On his Twitter page, Johnson claims that his height is at 5ft11 and he weighs 198lbs (89.9 kg).

Generation NEXXT, a national youth sports school and network in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, has also shared Johnson’s photo on Facebook and Instagram identifying him as a 12-under football player.

His age has started a discussion among fans about how can he possibly not be a teenager yet.

“So we supposed to believe not only that he is 12 but he is 12 years old with a half sleeve tattoo?” one Twitter user said. “He born in a leap year,” joked another.

A third user tweeted, “If that 12 year old really 12 my son not playing football, these kids built different.”

Johnson has close to 2,000 followers on Twitter where he regularly posts clips of his achievements.

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