RARE comet to visit Earth soon; it will not come back again; watch it this way

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will be coming close to the Earth after a period of 50000 years. Last time this comet visited our planet, humanity was still totally backward. Don’t miss it. Know how to watch it.

The Earth will soon get to witness a historic moment. An extremely rare comet, which last visited us when humanity still lived in caves, is going to pay us a visit. The Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) takes around 50,000 years to orbit the Sun and this might be the last opportunity for anyone to take a look at this comet as astronomers believe it may never come back again. So, do not miss out on a chance to watch this once-in-a-generation comet flying across the sky. Read on to know when and how to watch it.

When to watch the Comet ZTF

The comet, which has an unusual green glow, entered the inner solar system recently. Yesterday, January 12, it reached its perihelion (the position on its orbit where it is the closest to the Sun). And now, on its way back, it will come as close as 1 million miles to the Earth. And while it is already visible in the northeastern sky, the best view will be on February 1, 2023 when it will be closest to the Earth.

How to watch the Comet ZTF

While the comet will be visible to the naked eye on February 1, there are some preconditions to be able to watch it. You need to be in an area with relatively low light pollution and clear sky. This means that people living in big cities might not be able to see the comet directly or with the help of a telescope.

So, what can you do? Don’t worry. You do not have to miss out on this historic occurrence. The Virtual Telescope Project, an online telescope webcast platform, will be hosting a free livestream of the comet starting 9:30 AM IST on January 14. You can watch the livestream directly on the website by clicking here or on YouTube. Do not let go of this unique chance!

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