‘Rudra Veena’, Weighing More Than 5 Tonnes, Made Using Scrap In Bhopal

The veena measures 28 feet long by 10 feet broad and 12 feet tall.

A group of artisans in Madhya Pradesh’s capital city Bhopal created a remarkable “Rudra Veena” out of scraps and trash that weighs five tonnes. The veena measures 28 feet long by 10 feet broad and 12 feet tall, news agency ANI reported. About Rs 10 lakh was spent on its creation by the artists and the work was completed in around six months. According to the team, it is the largest Rudra Veena ever produced.

The string instrument has been constructed from discarded vehicle parts like wire, chains, gears and ball bearings. 15 artists worked together to design, gather scraps and finally construct the one-of-a-kind Veena.

Speaking to ANI, one of the artists, Pawan Deshpandey said, “The veena has been prepared on the theme of ‘Kabaad Se Kanchan’. A total of 15 artists were engaged in designing, collecting scraps and then making it for six months and finally the biggest veena made up from trash got ready.”

They wish the coming generations of the country know more about the Indian culture and heritage, “We wanted to work on an Indian theme so that our new generation can know more about Indian culture. ‘Rudra Veena’ is unique in itself. It will be installed at a place in the city where people can take selfies with it. We will also install a musical system and lights in it so that it looks more beautiful,” Mr Deshpandey continued telling ANI.

The artist further informed that a place at Atal Path in Bhopal has been identified to keep the Veena. 

The team that made the veena claimed that such a huge Veena from waste has not been ever made. “It is the biggest veena not only in Bhopal but also in the world. Nearly Rs 10 lakh have been spent in making of this Rudra Veena,” they artists added.

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According to his Facebook profile, Mr Deshpandey has been working on other projects too. His main objective of ‘Reuse, Recycle, Reduce’ – using waste to create wonders. In March this year, he along with his team created “India’s biggest installation of Coronavirus beneath a vaccine syringe,vial and mask.”

He wrote in a post on the social media platform, “30000 used waste plastic bottles and 5 tonnes of vehicle scrap, parts ,crankshafts ,waste tyres, modular toilet door, were used in making this with the concept of 3R’s- Reduce,Reuse, Recycle. It was inaugurated by Medical Education Minister Shri Vishwas Sarang Sir, who emphasised that this installation will always remind how we overcame this pandemic with help of the vaccine.”

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