Samsung to bring all-screen fingerprint scanner! Will be 2.5 billion times more secure


Samsung is working on a new kind of OLED display that uses the entire area as the fingerprint sensor.

In-display fingerprint scanners have been around for years now and the current generation sensors are the most convenient ones. Cheaper phones make use of the optical sensors while expensive phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra make use of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanners. Samsung, however, has plans to make the entire display area a large fingerprint scanning area for more security.

In a recent event called the International Meeting on Information Display (IMID), Samsung revealed plans to launch an All-in-One OLED 2.0 display. However,a French organisation called ISORG specialises in Organic Photo Diode (OPD) technology, which has now revealed more details about this next generation of fingerprint sensor. In an interview, ISORG CEO Dieter May said Samsung Display will use a highly different version of multi-fingerprint sensing technology for its OLED 2.0 technology

Samsung Display to make all-screen fingerprint scanner

“With the OPD technology you can either use four finger authentication, raising security 2500 million times on the single finger version, or you can use “point to open” security on single specific apps. Touch that app and it even confirms who you are before opening the app,” May added.

Hence, the new OLED display will make available the entire space available for fingerprint sensing. The tech will allow for scanning up to four fingers for authentication. Additionally, the display will allow specific areas on the display to be scanned for specific apps. Hence, for example, you can unlock WhatsApp with your finger by tapping on the app icon.

That’s not all! Samsung could also embed other sensors into this OLED display, such as bio sensors for blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and even 5G antennas. It is said that technology could debut sometime in 2025 on Samsung’s high-end smartphones.

Since this is a Samsung Display product, we could also expect brands like Apple to make use of the technology on its flagship iPhone of that year. Apple could avoid using the in-display fingerprint scanning technology in order to keep the FaceID tech relevant. However, it could embed the 5G antennas in the display, as well as other bio sensors.



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