Scary 52-foot Asteroid 2022 VU1 hurtling towards Earth; clocks fiery 25524 kmph, says NASA


A 52-foot asteroid named 2022 VU1 is nearing Earth today at great speed. Here is what NASA has to say onthis scary asteroid.

Not all the near-Earth objects are safe. Asteroids, comets, meteors, among others are some of the objects in space that can pose a threat to planet Earth. Larger the object, the more could be its destructive potential on the planet. As per the latest information shared by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) the 52-foot Asteroid 2022 VU1 is reaching Earth today, November 20, Sunday at a great speed. So, is this asteroid going to come too close to Earth for comfort? How dangerous is this asteroid for Earth? Find it out here.

Asteroid 2022 VU1’s closest approach to Earth will be a scary 1670000 miles, according to NASA’s JPL. The 52-foot asteroid which is the size of a house is moving at a great speed of 25524 kilometer per hour (7.09km/sec). Wondering if the asteroid is dangerous for our planet? No, the asteroid will fly past the planet and will not collide with it if it keeps travelling in its current trajectory.

It can be known that not every asteroid coming towards Earth is dangerous for the living organisms staying on it. However, if they change direction due to some reason like Earth’s gravitational pull, or something else acts on them, then these asteroids can pose problems. That is also why NASA keeps a constant eye on them to ensure any such events are quickly found and acted upon. NASA has deployed a number of Earth and Sky-based technology to keep a constant eye on these asteroids that come too close to the planet. Scientists and researchers keep an eye on the movements of these objects through various technical marvels like telescopes or various kinds and satellites.

It can be known that asteroid 2022 VU1 is not the only asteroid to pass our planet today. 120-foot Asteroid 2022 VR1 will also make its closest approach to planet Earth today. Worryingly, it will come even closer than VU1 to Earth. Asteroid VR1 will come as close as 969000 miles!


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