Shocking Video Shows A Wedding Ceremony Spiralling Into A Fierce Fight

The video has over 1 million views on the internet.

A video has surfaced on the internet showing a wedding ceremony descended into utter chaos. A full-blown fistfight broke out between the guests while the camera was recording a special moment at the wedding. The video was shared by an Instagram user Rk Raj and it has over 1 million views on the internet.

The footage shows the bride and the groom standing on the stage, as the camera zoomed in the guests dressed in traditional attire started indulging in a fight as stunned bystanders filmed the scene. The video shows guests physically pushing and pulling each other. Punches were thrown around as the fight spiralled out of control. Some of the guests were seen trying to bring the fight to an end – but in vain. The location and date of the video are not known.

Watch the video here:

Posted on November 24, the post has received a number of interesting and funny comments. One user said, “What a coincidence…… Aarti is happening on both sides.”

Another user commented, “Looks like the groom also wants to come in the form.”

The third user wrote, “Who are these people and where do they come from.”

“Dulha is like:- Yes you do this first,” the fourth commented.

Meanwhile, another video shows how a bride and groom got involved in an intense but playful fight during their wedding ceremony. The short video opens to show the bride and groom sitting at the mandap dressed in traditional wedding attire. Moments later, as the couple began the ritual of feeding one another, they ended up physically pushing and pulling each other.

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