Supreme Court’s 5 Big Quotes On Election Commissioner’s Appointment


Supreme Court's 5 Big Quotes On Election Commissioner's Appointment

Supreme Court is hearing a plea for reforms in the system of appointing election commissioners

New Delhi:
The government faced tough questions for the third day in a row as the Supreme Court scanned the system to appoint Election Commissioners and the Chief Election Commissioner.

Here are the Supreme Court’s top 5 remarks

  1. “The file was put up on November 18; moves the same day. Even PM recommends the name on the same day. We don’t want any confrontation, but was this done in any haste?¬†What’s the tearing hurry?”

  2. “This vacancy [became] available on May 15. Show us from May to November, what prevailed upon the government to do things superfast?”

  3. “We are being blunt. If all these four names are carefully chosen, as ‘yes men’ – we are concerned with the process of selection.”

  4. “Was there any criteria for the Law Minister to pick those 4 names?”

  5. “Now, if you are hell-bent that no one who will get a full term gets appointed, then you are against the statute.”

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