Surprising! ChatGPT AI tool has most demand in this country, see the entire list

ChatGPT, the text based AI tool, has seen the most amount of Google Search in China, followed by Nepal and Norway.

ChatGPT has grabbed everyone’s attention and has even convinced many to take it as a serious alternative to Google Search. The ability to see ChatGPT give convincing replies just like a human being has made many conduct deep conversations as well as ask it to write stories. Hence, it is only imperative that people are excited about ChatGPT and everyone wants to know more about the tool on Google Search.

A new report now suggests that Chinese people have a lot more interest in the AI based language tool. There has been a spike in its demand across the world, with China taking the first place. Based on the report from Finbold, China ranks with a peak score of 100 in January 2023 on the search timeline.

“Google searches for the word ‘ChatGPT’ have spiked to hit a popularity score of 92 as of January 13. The score peaked at 100 for the week ending January 11. Notably, 100 points are the maximum search interest for the time and location selected, while 0 – no interest,” says the report.

ChatGPT in huge demand in China

Following China’s score of 100, Nepal was second with a score of 35. Norway comes in third position with a score of 28 while Singapore comes in the fourth spot with a score of 27. Israel rounds up the top 5 spots witha score of 26.

“Other countries leading in ChatGPT demand include Lebanon (24), Canada (23), Palestine (22), Morocco (21), and Kenya (21),” says the report. Surprisingly, bigger countries such as the United States, India, United Kingdom, and a few more are missing from the list.

The research also pointed out some of the main driving factors behind ChatGPT’s huge demand. “The skyrocketing demand for ChatGPT can be tied to its functionality, which comes with advanced and creative responses that have overshadowed previous AI chatbots. The platform stands out due to several factors, such as its ability to understand and give feedback on diverse human inputs that have elevated ChatGPT to handle different tasks, such as writing code, and generating content, among others,” says the report.

A few days ago, OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT announced plans to monetize the platform although, no concrete plans have been confirmed yet. On the other hand, the company also revealed its deal with Microsoft that make the latter invest in the development while it gets to ChatGOT for its Azure cloud services.

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