Tesla did what Apple could NOT! Makes AirPower charger from iPhone X launch real

Tesla’s Wireless Charging Platform makes the Apple AirPower dream a reality, although at a steep price.

Back in 2017 when Apple announced the iPhone X, the world sat up and took notice. Tech enthusiasts, however, were more interested in the wireless charging pad that Apple showcased. Called the AirPower, the charging pad promised to charge up to three Apple products with ease, and you could keep them anywhere in any alignment. A true wireless charging pad indeed. However, Apple couldn’t make it work in reality and the AirPower project was dropped. Tesla, however, has made that happen.

Tesla has listed a new Wireless Charging Platform on its website for $300 and it is very similar in concept to the Apple AirPower charger. With a design inspired by the CyberTruck, the Wireless Charging Platform can charge up to three devices wirelessly without compromising in style. Just like the original AirPower, you can charge three devices simultaneously, placed anywhere on the charging pad and aligned in any direction.

Tesla’s AirPower charging mat is here

“Inspired by the angular design and metallic styling of Cybertruck, our Wireless Charging Platform provides 15W of fast charging power per device for up to three devices simultaneously. Its sleek design is composed of an aluminum housing, premium alcantara surface and a detachable magnetic stand that allows you to lay the charger flat or at an angle for better viewing. Featuring FreePower(R) technology, which charges your Qi capable devices such as phones or earbuds placed anywhere on its surface without precise alignment,” says the website.

Hence, you need to ensure your smartphone and accessories need to support Qi standard wireless charging. That means you cannot charge your Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch on this pad. This was something Apple’s AirPower concept could do.

Nonetheless, Tesla’s design also shows multiple wireless charging coils overlapping each other in order to charge your devices anywhere on it. Power to the charging pad comes via a 65W adapter.

What remains to be seen is whether Tesla’s implementation heats up and whether that affects the charging speed. If you order one now, Tesla says deliveries will start in February 2023. For Apple fans, you can use it to charge your iPhones and AirPods case on this charging pad together, leaving room for another iPhone (provided you are able to fit it).

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