The inspiring journey of female lawyer and
entrepreneur from Small Town to South Bombay.

Trust takes you a long way in the legal profession says Dr. Kshitija Wadatkar

On the month end of International women’s day, we took the opportunity to have an inspiring
interaction of a self-made lawyer Dr. Kshitija Wadatkar. A Well known name in the industry as a
fierce female lawyer with a doctorate in Constitutional Law and Human Rights, is a fervent
supporter of women’s rights in India. As the founder and managing partner of M/s Kshitija
Wadatkar & Associates, Dr. Kshitija Wadatkar goes in and out of prominent corporate circles in
India. She has handled several high-profile cases, including those involving the COO of Zerodha,
the illustrious Zaveri family, and many more.

Indeed, not many people are aware of the incredible path of a young woman who, from small
town of Maharashtra came to Mumbai with nothing , but her exceptional brain, went on to achieve
what she did with guts, talent, and intelligence. Our team had a small interaction with her about
her journey as a first-generation female lawyer and her views on white-collar crimes in India.

When enquired about her journey from small town to South Bombay .
She explained that she is the Girl from Wardha, a Gandhian city, and was raised by professor
parents who instilled all their ideals and values of trust and integrity in her.

The girl, who graduated in science and then in law as the top student in university and had never
experienced defeat, set out to make name at the principal bench of the Bombay High Court.The
Governor of Maharashtra honoured her with the highest, most prestigious accolade given by any
university in the nation after she had won all of the university’s prizes, “the Outstanding Student of
the University Award.” Despite having all the necessary credentials, the first-generation woman
lawyer in Mumbai had to begin her career with a salary of 5000 rupees. A self-made lawyer was
adamant she would not approach her parents for money. After a two-year battle for survival, this
intelligent woman lawyer was hired by a prestigious legal firm, where she gained valuable
experience working for some of the nation’s most prestigious corporates.

Determined to succeed as an entrepreneur and a poet at heart, she made the bold move to
establish her firm. She quit her well-paying job to create a women-led organisation that gives
every talented woman lawyer from a small town an opportunity to succeed in the legal field. She
took that chance in 2015, and she has not turned around since.

Their almost decade-long history as an independent company is already filled with significant
turning points. The 15-advocates boutique “Corporate” law practice, as it became known, has
handled cases for major Corporate houses in the country. She represents the Registrar of
Companies in the well-known Deepak Kochhar and Dhoot scam cases as an Additional Public

When questioned about her expertise and on what basis it is decided that particular case is
into economic offences or white collar crime and others not .

“We represent serious white-collar offences. And the success rate we have brings us to justice.
Every single time, we are up against powerful opponents who have either defrauded my clients out
of thousands of crores. Every time we appear in court, the defense has a large team of attorneys
on hand, while we are only a tiny group of complainants or Interveners. It’s rather challenging and
all is possible simply due to the trust of our clients,” states Dr. Kshitija Wadatkar.

Moreover, she elaborated that there is a very thin-line difference between economic offences and
civil disputes. As per her criminal intention plays a vital role in proving whether any case is
criminal or civil. Especially in the cases of economic offences, this is very crucial.

Our law needs to strengthen on the parallel proceedings of civil and criminal which can go on
together hands in hands when criminal intention is involved. Practically, we see that if civil
proceedings are pending, for criminal complaint our judicial system at a times get liberal for non
-registration of the FIR .

When questioned about her accomplishment in a male-dominated field and as a firstgeneration female lawyer, she responded that “I never permit any female attorney on my staff to
portray themselves as the victim of discrimination on account of their ethnicity. I do not allow this
kind of sexism to bog me down. Even though one must pass certain exams, if one is consistent,
then the sky is the limit. Women cannot and should not allow themselves to feel victimized in our
society, let alone on account of sexism.”

Dr. Kshitija Wadatkar is rapidly growing to prominence in India as a top woman lead organization in
corporate and white-collar crime. We wish her and her team all the success in her endeavours.

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