This Artist “Painted Himself Painting Himself”, Internet Is Stunned

Mr Wray was seen painting himself

Chicago-based artist, Seamus Wray‘s series of paintings which he made in 2020 has captured the internet’s hearts. The artist made a series of paintings, he started with a single self-portrait of oil on canvas. His interesting take on self-portraits has gone viral. Ms Wray made a series of five paintings, he has “painted himself painting himself drawing himself painting himself painting himself painting himself”. 

In the series of pictures, Mr Wray was seen painting himself. He posted this series in 2020 but it is going viral now. Posted by a Reddit user, the caption of the post reads, “When you are an artist and you are bored.” 

Check out the pictures here: 

On his Instagram page, Mr Wray wrote, ” A self-portrait painting myself. oil on canvas.” Over the course of five paintings, he has painted himself painting himself.

On Reddit, the post has The internet was impressed with his brilliant creativity and called the artist a “genius”. A user wrote, “More talent in the first picture than I’ve demonstrated in my entire life so far tbh.” Another user commented, “Seeing this kind of insane talent makes me realise how small and insignificant my life truly is.”

The third user commented, “This is so fantastic! Best post I’ve seen in a long time. Really superbly creative!”

The fourth user wrote, “Damn… I will make a portrait of myself like this.”

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