This CEO Reveals That None Of His Employees Have Quit In 5 Years, Shares The Secret

The CEO believes in celebrating all types of team wins

In times when mass layoffs and resignations have become a new normal, Stephen Magli, the co-founder and CEO of New York-based AiDigital has claimed that no employee has quit his advertising company in the last 5 years.

Mr Magli has focussed on building a healthy work culture in his advertising company. “Since I became an entrepreneur, attracting and keeping top talent has been a priority for me,” he wrote in an article for the Fast Company magazine. “I believe this focus has contributed more to my company’s success than anything else I have done.”

In his article, Mr Magli said that he has learned to be an empathetic leader. “The pandemic strained all of us and highlighted the challenges of managing mental health and being a working parent, in particular. The ability to step up as a company and acknowledge the difficulties we were facing, offering solutions to face them together, and being honest and transparent about adjustments along the way has set a new precedent for what employees now come to expect,” he wrote.

He said that it is important to give employees flexibility in the workplace.

Mr Magli said that he let his team work independently. Mr Magli wrote, “When you find good people and give them the ability to prove themselves, that’s when the magic happens.”

Further, he emphasised that one should find employees who match with their management style. The CEO wrote, “This can set the organization and workers up for a long and healthy relationship.”

The CEO believes in celebrating all types of team wins, big or small. He said it is an important foundation for healthy work culture. “Teamwork is encouraged and celebrated,” he said.

Not just that, the CEO said, “I think a personal touch also goes a long way, which is why I have always opted for gift-giving around the holidays to show appreciation. A cash gift is nice, but an item that speaks to a person’s personality and interests can create a deeper connection. I’m personally an avid fan of watches and I have made it a tradition to gift luxury watches to star employees as the ultimate token of appreciation.”

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