Tweet On “Pure Veg” Restaurant Signs Causes Stir, How Internet Reacted

The tweet was debated aggresively on the platform. (representational)

New Delhi:

A Twitter user’s post, which states that “pure veg” signboards at restaurants are “offensive” and “un-inclusive”, has left the internet divided. The user, in her tweet, wrote, “All these “pure veg” signs across food outlets are offensive and un-inclusive. Blatantly implying that other food preferences are “impure” and legitimising the discrimination against people with diverse preferences”.

The tweet has gained traction on the platform and drew a number of varying reactions. Some suggested that the Twitter user had misinterpreted the meaning of the sign, and that there was nothing problematic.

“Veg people are comfortable eating pure veg. So what’s the issue? Non-veg eaters are not barred from the same. It’s just that extra comfort zone that’s given to the veg-preferring people,” a user wrote.

“So it would be more inclusive if the restaurant did not advertise but refused to serve non-veg items?? Next, you will say boards declaring men and women toilets also need to be abolished, being discriminatory to one another?!” a comment read.

A few users tried explaining the meaning of “pure veg”. “Pure ghee doesn’t mean other ingredients are impure. It means there is no adulteration. Pure veg means it’s made in a kitchen that doesn’t cook non-veg,” a person wrote.

Another person said, “I have always thought of pure veg restaurants signs as telling vegetarians that you can safely eat here without thinking much about what all and how it’s made in this restaurant and telling non-vegetarians that we don’t serve non-veg so look for other restaurant and save your time”.

“This feels like protesting with a blank placard. Pure veg refers to Vegetarian food, that’s all. Pure is to imply there is no mixing of oil, lard, or other invisible meat items. It is still wrong to discriminate based on faith/caste, but in this, it’s just Indian English,” a comment read.

Another user chimed in to say, “I get your point. But technically “Pure Veg” doesn’t mean that all other foods are impure. That term would have been “Pure food”.”

“It’s better to display beforehand rather than every person coming and asking..and how eating non-vegetarian is a choice. Eating vegetarian and running only vegetarian restaurants is also a personal can’t deny it,” a  user wrote.

So, what are your thoughts on it?

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