Video: Canadian Reporter Almost Collapses During Live Broadcast

Jessica Robb, a reporter for Canadian news channel CTV Edmonton.

Jessica Robb, a reporter for Canadian news channel CTV Edmonton, experienced a medical emergency while live on air on the night of January 8, as reported by Canada Today. She was speaking with host Nahreman Issa while reporting from the field when she started to mumble and repeat herself. She can be seen saying, “Sorry Nahreman. I’m , I’m, I’m not feeling very well right now, and I’m about to just…”

In the video that quickly went viral online, Jessica Robb can be seen having trouble speaking and running out of words. At one point, she looks bewildered and appears to be losing her balance. The young reporter was almost seen collapsing before the live feed was switched from Ms Robb to Ms Issa in the news studio, the outlet elaborated. Noticing this, Ms Issa interrupts and says, “Okay, we’ll come back to you and we’ll make sure that Jessica, you are doing okay.”

Watch the video here:

Many Twitter users were concerned about the reporter’s health. One of them wrote, “It could be low blood sugar.  Let’s all wait to find out what really happened.  I wish her well and hope she’s allright.”

“hope Jessica is ok,” said another person. 

“You can see where she starts to labor and continues to try to work through it. This is all too sad,” added another person.

CTV Edmonton shared her health update and tweeted, “Thanks to everyone who inquired about our reporter who became ill during the 6 p.m. News. Jessica Robb is feeling better and is now resting.”

Although Ms Robb’s Twitter account is private, ane user posted a screenshot of her tweet. It reads, “I won’t bury the lede: I’m okay. Thank you to everyone who has reached, my cameraman @Stmcclune for being there for me, & @NahremanlssaCTV for being an absolute pro (as usual).”

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