Video: Flight Attendant Interacting With Baby In Sign Language Melts Hearts

The family was travelling on a Hawaiian Airlines plane with their son Luca.

A video showing a flight attendant communicating with a baby using American sign language (ASL) has gone viral on the internet. The clip on Instagram was posted by the baby’s parents, Callie and Leo, the video shows a flight attendant talking to the little one onboard in ASL. The best part? Well, the child seems to understand ASL and even tries to reply. The baby’s reaction is priceless¬†and is currently winning hearts on the internet.

The family was travelling on a Hawaiian Airlines plane with their son Luca. The parents took to Instagram to shout out to the airlines and the flight attendant for creating an inclusive environment. In the caption, they wrote, “As we were flying back from our trip to Hawaii, our flight attendant saw us signing to Luca…He then brought up Milo @milohighclub (another flight attendant), who told us that during his long flight times spent in the air, he has dedicated that free time to learning ASL!!! The way Luca lights up when he sees people use signs is the best thing in the world!! And this is why inclusion matters.”

Watch the video here:

Posted on November 28, the video has amassed over 5 million views on Instagram and garnered over 4 lakh likes and several comments. The internet loved the sweet gesture by the flight attendant and even demanded that the man should get a raise. A user commented, “This is so precious.” Another user wrote, “The fact that babies babble in sign is the cutest thing ever.”

“That flight attendant is amazing!! beautiful moment,” the third user commented. “I think I’ve watched this 20 times. It’s just so heartwarming,” the fourth expressed.

“Personelle like this are why I still have hope that there are people out there who still feel called to their Work,” the fifth user commented.

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