Video: IndiGo Baggage Handlers Carelessly Toss Boxes Into Trailer, Airline Responds

The video garnered over 14,000 views and nearly 400 likes on Twitter.

A viral video showing IndiGo employees carelessly tossing boxes into a parked trailer has prompted a response from the airline. The short clip was shared on Twitter by a user named @triptoes. 

At first, the video showed two baggage handlers offloading two small brown boxes from an airplane. They were captured picking up the boxes and tossing them into a parked trailer. Seconds later, they were seen repeating the same process with larger white boxes as well. 

“Hi @IndiGo6E is this how you handle all flight luggage everyday or today was special?” the caption of the post read. 

Watch the video below: 

The video was shared on Twitter on Wednesday and since then it garnered over 14,000 views and nearly 400 likes. 

IndiGo was quick to respond to the clip. In the comment section, the airline clarified that customers’ luggage was not mishandled. Instead, it stated that the boxes in the video contained non-fragile cargo and were packaged to “endure fast manoeuvres”. 

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“Ms Goel, thank you for your feedback. The boxes in the video shared are not customers’ luggage but instead, these are fast-moving, light weight containers carrying non-fragile cargo and packed by the shippers for us to endure fast manoeuvres,” IndiGo responded. 

In the following tweet, the airline also said, “We’d like to assure you that our customers’ possessions are our priority and they are handled with utmost care”. 

However, in the comment section of the post, internet users didn’t seem satisfied with the airline’s response. While some Twitter users complained about the airline no longer using the “Fragile” tag to mark luggage with breakable items, others wrote that IndiGo mishandled their luggage and the airline did nothing even after an official complaint to the desk. 

“They’ve also gotten rid of the fragile tags because ‘we treat all bags like they’re fragile’. Sure looks like it,” wrote one user. “My bag was broken as well and Indigo did nothing even after an official complaint to the desk,” said another. One user even pointed out that “This is how every airlines handle luggage all round the world”. 

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