Video Of Toddler’s ‘Wild Run’ During Eight-Hour Flight Goes Viral


Video Of Toddler's 'Wild Run' During Eight-Hour Flight Goes Viral

The girl can be seen jumping on an extended tray table of a seat on an eight-hour-long flight.

Travelling with children can be a nightmare, especially if they are onboard a flight. Flying with kids can be a challenging experience. They can be annoying and also it is difficult to make them sit still in a long-haul flight due to cramped space.

In one such incident shared on Reddit, a toddler can be seen jumping on an extended tray table of a seat on an eight-hour-long flight. However, parents or relatives of the child did not control the little girl or ask her to maintain the decorum during the journey. The passenger sitting in front of the seat does not seem bothered or is seen simply ignoring the whole activity.

The video has been captioned as, “Letting children run wild during an 8 hour flight.” The video was shared three days ago and has 96 per cent upvotes.

Watch the video here:

One user commented, “That kid is too young to know any better. Smack the parents instead.”

“I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it,” said another user.

One parent added, “3 kids myself, including toddler twins. We have flown many times and they have never once caused a fuss on an airplane.It’s a little something called, “active parenting” or maybe, “putting effort into actually preparing and raising kids” haha. But yeah I just wanted to brag how each kid gets their own backpack full of candy, toys, drawing stuff, ipad full of movies. I also give them some meds that help with ear popping pain.”

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A fourth user said, “Such people aren’t self-aware enough to feel such feelings, or they’re too tired to give a damn or want the rest of the world to share in their suffering, or just plain old miserable.”

“I feel so bad for that guy in front of her. Bet he’s holding every urge in his body back to not kick that kid through a field goal,” another user remarked. 

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