Viral Video: David Warner Scores A “Hit” In Mumbai While Playing Gully Cricket

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Australian cricketer David Warner can be seen playing gully cricket on the streets of Mumbai in a viral Instagram video.

The Australian cricketer, who is an avid Instagram user who frequently shares messages about India, has shared a new video on his account.

The video shows him playing gully cricket with young Mumbai residents on the streets.

David Warner says in the caption that reads, found a peaceful street to have a hit, and after that includes an okay hand and a laughing emoji.

The brief video shows David Warner, clad in a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers, playing cricket with local youngsters.

In India, it is usual to observe young people playing cricket with zeal. But, a lucky set of kids had the opportunity to play gully cricket with none other than Australian cricketer David Warner, who stopped by unexpectedly.

Supporters of the Australian cricketer are ecstatic as they watch him joyously play cricket with children and young people on a Mumbai street.

The video has had over 2.2 million views since it was released a few hours ago and is still gaining popularity.

A large number of people have also shared their opinions in the comments area.

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