Viral Video: Ukrainian Doctors Perform Heart Surgery On Child In Darkness After Russian Missile Strikes

The nearly 2-minute-long video received over 15,000 views on Twitter.

A dramatic video showing a team of Ukrainian surgeons performing heart surgery on a child in a dark Kyiv hospital after Russian missiles knocked out power in the capital city is going viral on social media. 

“Today, during the missile attack by the Russians on Ukraine, electricity was cut off at the Heart Institute in Kyiv. At this time, surgeons were performing emergency heart surgery on the child,” social media user Iryna Voichuk wrote on Twitter while posting the video on Thursday. 

Watch the video below: 

The nearly 2-minute-long video received over 15,000 views on Twitter. The footage showed a team of surgeons continuing the operation with limited light. Other than the surgeons’ headlamps, the darkness covered the room. The bright overhead light that is typically seen in the operating room was also not powered. 

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According to Newsweek, one of the doctors in the video said, “That’s how we perform heart surgery today,” adding that the operation involves a cardiopulmonary bypass to replace two heart valves. “Nobody knows what happened, but the operating room completely blacked out,” the doctor said, telling Russians to “rejoice,” sarcastically.

“Today it’s a child on the operating table. And power was completely lost in the middle of the surgery. Good job. Very humane people,” he added. 

In the comment section of the post, hundreds of Twitter users praised the surgeons as heroes. “These surgeons are heroes!!! Good best friend to have. The best,” wrote one user. “In the eye of the storm of war. Calm, diligent and professional Ukrainian med & surgical heroes,” said another. 

Meanwhile, this incident comes after Russia fired around 70 missiles on Kyiv and several other Ukrainian cities on Wednesday, causing the country’s nuclear power plants to disconnect from the power grid for the first time in 40 years, the New York Post reported. 

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Around 10 people were killed in the attack and another 30 were left injured. Following the barrage, Kyiv residents searched for power, warmth and clean water. Some people even resorted to holding water bottles under drain pipes in order to collect rainwater to drink. Nearly half of Kyiv’s residents were still without electricity on Friday. 

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